Tropical Pool Oasis #1420

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Project Details

  • Model Lean-To - TELG
  • Size 25 x 56 ft
  • Hawaiian Themed Pool house with Trackless Lean-to Retractable Enclosure

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Tropical Pool Oasis #1420 Project Description

Website page (2)Expensive real estate in Silicon Valley means small lots and homes have gotten intimately close. Alan who lives in Palo Alto, California knew he needed more privacy when he found himself in his own living room, just a few feet away from his neighbors’ adjacent property. So when the neighbors put their house on the market, Alan bought their property intending to transform it into his family’s  tropical oasis. His vision included a pool house  with a custom pool, lots of natural light, and the ability to swim year-round, rain or shine. Typically the Northern California swim season is 4-5 months, so finding a year-round option could more than double their swim season.

As Alan researched his options, he found new ideas. An indoor pool  wouldn’t give him the natural lighting and would cost at least twice as much as an enclosure. A solid structure that incorporated NanaWall® doors into the sides  would open  the pool space to the outdoors when weather allowed, but would cost at least $150,000. When he realized that he could have a retractable pool enclosure for much smaller investment, he knew it was the right decision.

Alan chose Libart’s lean-to structure that blended with the style of the pool house, and used the trackless (Teleglide) option for a cleaner look. It featured big windows for added ventilation and comfort. The enclosed Hawaiian-themed pool features a pebble-tec floor  with custom-made tiles featuring turtle design accents. A swim jet for exercise and a corner hot tub for de-stressing were also included. For added fun, Alan installed LED lights that “dance” to the music and add to the party-style atmosphere. The solar heat gain from the polycarbonate material used for the roof of the structure adds needed warmth on cool days and ventilation needed on hot days is achieved by opening  the lean-to.

retractable enclosure


The pool house kitchen and living room just off the pool area are perfect for family gatherings, dinner parties, and even simply entertaining the kids and their friends. Alan enjoys the response he gets from friends when they are invited for impromptu pool parties on dreary winter days. He loves watching their confusion as they anticipate a rain-soaked pool party and experience the thrill of swimming warmly and comfortably as raindrops beat on the enclosure. It might just be enough to make a dreary winter day worth looking forward to.


More details:

Teleglide system (trackless)  Elite model,  8 bays & 8 modules, Additional Sidewall Height, 1/4″ tempered clear glass sidewalls, 10 mm twin wall translucent polycarbonate rool panels, Bi-parting with capability to stack on either side, and sandalwood frame color

Pool Enclosure Day & Night


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