Sykesville Pool Enclosure Project #3698

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - SDFS
  • Size 26' x 49'

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Sykesville Pool Enclosure Project #3698 Project Description

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For years, Tammy had wanted to have a pool she could swim in during the colder months as well as the warm ones. Her increasing arthritic symptoms made covering the pool for year-round use a more urgent need. While researching options to have her pool covered and heated during the winter,  she learned that retractable enclosures provided open pool summers and closed pool winters. Tammy decided to go with that option. As she thinks about the enclosure and her ability to swim laps every day, she realizes this was the right decision for her.

She enjoys the versatility of the structure as well as the warmth. Tammy comments that she doesn’t need to heat it much when she has the enclosure closed and solar cover on, even during the winter!

Tammy’s pool enclosure is manually operated, just by her pushing one side she can open and close it. Watch the video below to see the pool enclosure opening and the door function.

For information about motorization with an enclosure, contact us.

Watch It Operate