Winnipeg Pool Enclosure Project #4603

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D (3/6 Segment) - TDFS
  • Size 30' x 55'

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Winnipeg Pool Enclosure Project #4603 Project Description

Some Canadians prefer to create a Florida experience at home with help from Libart, rather than traveling long distances like snowbirds.

“We celebrated Marc’s 40th birthday with a pool party in November!  When we called all our friends they couldn’t believe we still had our pool open.  They had already closed theirs 2 months earlier.” 


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“We have only had our pool enclosure up for a few weeks and already are loving it.  A lot of our friends are talking about closing their pools for the winter, but here we are going out for a swim in the evenings even when it is getting close to freezing point outside.  It is so easy to open and close, our 6 year old daughter is able to push one panel at a time.  With the fall season here, we don’t have to worry about getting any of the leaves into our pool.  My plants love the humidity and are starting to rebloom.  Jeff was so knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole purchasing and installation. It was amazing to see the crates of panels become an enclosure in a matter of a few days.  We highly recommend this enclosure!”

The Project

About the project: This 8 Bay D Model uses the Titan Frame and was assembled in a matter of days by farmers and their families near Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Site Supervision and a comprehensive list of tools was all that was needed to transform this pre-fabricated system into an operational pool enclosure, quickly and easily!  Two windows for cross ventilation and one single wing sliding door were options selected by the clients.

Note the photo of clients’ 6 year old daughter opening the pool enclosure by herself!