Maritimes Pool Enclosure Project #4426

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V
  • Size 30 x 63 ft

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Maritimes Pool Enclosure Project #4426 Project Description

An inn located in the Canadian Maritimes region enclosed their pool with a retractable structure to offer swimming to guests throughout the year.  The innovative design of the telescopic pool enclosure with its domed ends is as nice-looking as it is functional.  Guests are able to swim in the new pool while watching snowflakes fall in winter. When the seasons are warmer, the  pool enclosure opens to the outdoors so swimmers can enjoyto enjoy the summer months.

This charming family-friendly Inn is using  the pool enclosure 12 months a year for a comfortable safe environment in which to enjoy swimming.


A beautiful Dome end, 4 Sliding windows c/w screens 2 Panic Doors. Twin wall PC Roof Monolithic Clear PC.


[testimonial author=”Anita Britten, GM”]

“We started this project well over a year ago and are so pleased with the results. The local “buzz” around the community has been very positive, as it is unique within the Maritimes! We have many of our guests inquire about the structure as they would like to have the same at their residence!!!”

“Also, many have commented how pretty it is at night while swimming and looking out at the stars. The structure is not only functional but BEAUTIFUL! We are quite excited to swim in our new pool while watching the snow fall this winter! Both Pierre and Cem were very helpful through the entire process and prompt in answering any of our questions. We look forward to many happy days of swimming!!!”