Pool Enclosure Project #4422

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 partition) - TVFS
  • Size 45' x 120'

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Pool Enclosure Project #4422 Project Description

This pool enclosure is beautiful and functional. Only Libart builds pool enclosures designed to work in the specific conditions where it’s installed. This enclosure covers a pool at the top of a hill surrounded by mountains.¬† Strong winds and weather limited the pool’s use until a retractable enclosure was added. The enclosure covers a main pool and a wading pool. When the enclosure is open, it collects in 3 locations¬† – at both ends and the middle. Its manual operation is easy to open and clos,e and sections can be open individually.


Windows with screens, Double Doors, Single Doors. Clear Transparent, Twin Wall Roof and Monolithic Walls and Gable Ends.¬† 45′ x 120′ R2 retraction.


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“We are situated on the top of a hill (like an Eagles Nest) looking down to a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. We were only using the pool for a few months a year (due to wind and weather conditions). In the spring and autumn due to very strong winds we could not use the pool much at all. Even in the summer the winds made it impossible to use the pool.”