Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D (3/6 Segment)
  • Size 30.0 x 52.0 ft

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Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 1Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 2Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 3Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 4Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 5Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 6Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 7Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Image 8

Pittsburgh Pool Enclosure Project #4404 Project Description

A Days Inn in Pittsburgh, PA  thought a pool enclosure could attract more guests and would allow their pool to be used year-round. Their pool enclosure is bringing in more guests adding to the hotel’s revenue and popularity. The  swimming pool cover allows the recreation area of the pool to be used year round.

An enclosure also saves maintenance costs for the hotel owner. Since enclosures keep out dirt, leaves and rain there’s less cleaning to do and fewer chemicals are needed. These retractable enclosures are built over existing pools so they are affordable and they bring the owners a greater return on their investment because their swimming area can now be used at all times of the year.


Modules 2 and 3 each have 2 screened windows. Module 3 has a side sliding door (D7) and AM4 (gable end at Module 4) has an extra-wide double sliding door (D6). The unit has an increased height of 24″, 4 modules and 8 bays (4M8B) and R2 retraction.

Top is glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC (polycarbonate). All other glazing is 3mm clear monolithic PC (polycarbonate).