Lagrangeville Pool Enclosure #4398

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 segment)
  • Size 34.0 x 48.0 ft

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Lagrangeville Pool Enclosure #4398 Project Description

Ten millimeter transparent polycarbonate glazing blocks harmful UV rays  in this pool enclosure.  When the enclosure is closed in cooler weather, the sun’s warmth remains within the structure allowing for comfortable swimming. At the ends of the enclosure the conservatory end gables are an impressive design element.

Libart designs and created retracting pool enclosures that allow the residential owners full use of their pool in all types of weather. Clients also have the advantage of needing fewer pool cleanings and they do not need as many pool chemicals. A closed enclosure keeps dirt, leaves and other debris out of the pool.


This unit features our new CONSERVATORY END at AM1(gable end at module 1). There are 4 sliding screened windows in this conservatory and another 4 windows in the modules. There is a double sliding door in the opposite gable end and 8 feet of track extension. Top is glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC. All other glazing is 4mm clear acrylic.