Rockton Pool Enclosure #4393

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D (3/6 Segment)
  • Size 30.0 x 50.0 ft

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Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 1Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 2Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 3Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 4Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 5Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 6Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 7Rockton Pool Enclosure  #4393 Image 8

Rockton Pool Enclosure #4393 Project Description

Keeping wild animals out of the pool was one of the design considerations for this freestanding pool enclosure in Rockton, Ontario. The residence is located near a zoo/wildlife area. The retracting pool building keeps out dust dirt and rain and secures the pool area for use year round from wild animals and wild weather.

The Securetrak rail system firmly fixes the retracting pool enclosure to the ground. This prevents high Canadian winds from moving the enclosure from its positioning. Libart specializes in custom designs for the perfect retractable enclosure for any location from a private pool to a commercial enclosure.


Frame color is RAL 1019 (Sandstone). This unit has 4 windows, a single sliding door (D3) on AM1 (gable end at Module 1), an extra-wide double sliding door (D6) on the other gable end and 6″ of extra height.

Top is glazed in clear twin-wall polycarbonate (PC). All other glazing is 4mm clear transparent acrylic.