Nobleton Pool Enclosure #4354

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 segment)
  • Size 35.0 x 59.0 ft

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Nobleton Pool Enclosure #4354 Project Description

When prospective clients visit our projects it can be very helpful in the decision-making. This couple and their granddaughter made up their minds quickly after seeing another project. They wanted a Libart pool enclosure!

The retractable enclosure is built within the existing fence perimeter. We added two feet to the standard height and addressed the descending stairs on the north side of the pool by placing the gable end  right next to these stairs. Module 4 that retracts over this gable was customized for one foot of retraction to accommodate the stairs.

The gable end was installed against the chimney and the gap created between the wall and gable end was filled  by placing L-angles on the house and gable and using  polycarbonate in that area.


One side sliding door (D7) in module 3. One single sliding door (D3) in the gable end (AM5) and four screened windows. Extra height of 12″. R2 retraction with 5 modules and 10 bays. Profile color is RAL 1019 – Sandstone (one of our four standard colours).

Top four pieces (P3 to P6 of all modules) in 10mm clear translucent PC. All other surfaces in clear 4mm transparent acrylic.