Edison Pool Enclosure Project #4352

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Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 partition)
  • Size 31.0 x 47.0 ft

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Edison Pool Enclosure Project #4352 Project Description

Hotel swimming pools help generate more revenue because guests are more likely to book reservations where they can swim. The Holiday Inn in Edison, New Jersey had a popular outdoor pool. In addition to guests, the hotel’s pool was booked for Baptisms but these were limited to fair weather times of the year.

It was time to transform the outdoor pool into an indoor pool so hotel guests and local congregations could comfortably use the pool year-round. Revenues continue to thrive. The pool stays cleaner when covered and everyone benefits.


One side sliding door (D7) on module 6, one double extra-wide sliding door on one gable end (AM6) and a single-wing swinging door (D1) on the other gable end (AM1). Four screened windows on either side of modules 3 and 5. R1 retraction with 6 modules.

Top, one gable end (AM1) and one side in 10mm clear twin-wall PC. Other gable end and side are glazed in 4mm clear transparent acrylic. All doors are glazed in PC.