Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Lean-To - TELS
  • Size 24'6" x 56'
  • Model Retractable Roofing - RRP
  • Size 16'8" x 21'4"
  • Delaware home with major solar heat gain from their lean-to pool enclosure

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Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 1Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 2Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 3Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 4Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 5Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 6Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 7Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 8Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 9Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Image 10

Lean-To Pool Enclosure Project #4314 Project Description

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Once you’ve invested in a beautiful in-ground pool with a hot tub, making this area usable year-round makes sense. Located adjacent to a porch with an open roof area, the pool and hot tub could easily be enclosed with a retractable lean-to enclosure attached to the outer wall of the home.

Libart designed the lean-to enclosure and combined it with a retractable roof over the connecting porch for ventilation and  temperature control.  The colors of and style of the structure were selected to blend seamlessly with the their home.  The pool is insulated with an automated cover when it isn’t in use and  the temperature (while closed) tends to be about 40 degrees warmer than the outside air. This is due to the natural heating and insulating effect of the clear polycarbonate used for the enclosure.  The auto-cover, hot tub features and lights can be controlled from the owners’ smart devices, so the entire area is comfortable and ready for use when they are.

Looks like glass!

Looks like glass!

This is the family’s go-to space for quality time and recreation, year-round.  The kitchen is connected to the indoor/outdoor space so dining al fresco and parties are easier to do in this convenient gathering space.  Since the lean-to enclosure protects the space from rain, snow, and even outdoor pests, family dinners can be enjoyed here all year long, in any weather. There’s no need to close down the pool for the cold season.  Since the entire structure is connected to the house with no need to step outside.  It is  a family oasis, open for enjoyment all year long.

The roof next to the pool area

The roof next to the pool area

Indoor/outdoor living spaces such as this are very popular.  Space is more versatile, adding to the value of the home and   options that save energy are available.

The lean-to pool enclosure has manual operation, but due to its height, the retractable roof is motorized! See it operate below.

Watch It Operate