Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Lean-To - E (2/4 segment) - CELG
  • Size 4.7 x 14.2 m

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Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 1Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 2Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 3Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 4Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 5Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 6Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Image 7

Lean-to Retractable Enclosure #4238 Project Description

A cost effective and functional Lean To Enclosure system enhances incremental revenue that can be generated by the full use of your cafe patio dining area.  Seat your guests with confidence knowing if the weather threatens, you can preserve their dining experience with the push of a button.

Restaurant Owners:  Ask about Libart’s ROI Calculator that can quickly determine how long it will take for a Libart retractable enclosure to pay for itself.  Once you consider how many days per year that you were unable to use your space due to weather, you’ll quickly see the lost revenue add up.  Typical ROIs are less than 5 years.  Once the enclosure is paid for, the inviting hospitality environment you’ve created will continue to generate incremental revenue for years to come.


The retractable enclosure system featured is Lean To E-L Model with a total of 7 bays and 7 modules.  Retraction method is an R-2 style (bi-parting with largest bays in the middle).  Features Teleglide (Trackless) operation.