Minneapolis Retractable Roof Project #4612

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Project Details

  • Model Retractable Roofing - V - TVFS
  • Size 35 x 70 ft
  • Union Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis has their top floor of dining open to the skyline and fresh air

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Minneapolis Retractable Roof Project #4612 Project Description

A dilapidated  corner in downtown Minneapolis needed something fresh and exciting.  Well-known area restaurateur, Kam Talebi saw the potential for an excellent dining experience where an old bookstore once stood.  The Union Fish Market and Rooftop became one of the finest dining experiences in Minneapolis.  Detailed renovations,  well-known chefs, bartenders with reputations for creative cocktails and an unsurpassed patio dining experience were the ingredients for this restaurant’s success. The response and buzz were incredible!

Panorama Union

The Union Fish Market and Rooftop is just around the block from Target Field in the heart of Minneapolis. In a city with a reputation for tough winter weather, a retractable roof with open-air dining is unique. At street level, Fish Market diners have an array of cooked seafood-centered plates to choose from or they can enjoy their seafood fresh and raw.  The rooftop however is where where the real magic awaits.

Union Rooftop- Retractable


Union Rooftop Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Rick Nelson shared his experience at Union Rooftop in a review commenting, “The rooftop is a world apart, a soaring, energetic and crisply elegant space that’s so transporting that the IDS Tower, our reassuring compass, is the only indicator that you’ve remained in Minneapolis. It’s a thriller at lunch, when the eye sees only sky and skyscrapers.  By night, it’s urbanity personified, and an instant point of pride for the city.”1

It’s not easy to create a year-round indoor/outdoor patio dining experience on the roof of a historical building.  The 12-paneled, free-standing, retractable roof covers the bar and provides plenty of dining space for patrons.  For added comfort, heaters can warm the space for those really cold days.  The retractable roof is open whenever possible and when temperatures are too cool, it closes with the touch of a button. It takes   fewer than  five minutes to open or close the motorized structure and its NanaWall doors, that seal off the inside dining room.

simliar-projectsWhether you’re living in Minneapolis or visiting , the Union Fish Market’s Rooftop is a not to be missed experience, for the spectacular view and the food.


Freestanding V design  (10m w x 22m l x 6.7m h) (30’w x 70’l x 22’h), 4 modules – 12 bays, motorized operation, opening in less than 10 minutes. Glazed with insulated and reflective glass (6mm tempered +12 (4+4)mm laminated).  The gable end side aluminum profiles are heat insulated and completed with folding doors. The structural system is made of aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material.

 Watch it Operate

CBS Video

Source: 1http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/taste/197860771.html