Colorado Pool Enclosure Project #4721

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Lean-To - TDLS
  • Size 25 x 106 ft
  • Colorado Rockies Pool Haven

  • This outdoor living upgrade was designed around the enclosure, truly incorporating it as moving architecture

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Colorado Pool Enclosure Project #4721 Project Description

Enclosure with a view

The Rockies View

Ask realtors what entices a potential buyer and results in an offer on a property, and they typically respond that the buyer’s ability to see the potential in property is key to an offer.  When Lou and Tanis found the type of home they dreamed of, twelve acres of unfinished property with an excellent view of the Rocky Mountains translated into that excellent potential.

Side view of the home

Side view of the home

There was an abundance of outdoor space  for their animals to graze  and views in every direction.  They could imagine a private sanctuary area for entertainment and relaxation with family and friends, and enjoying gorgeous vistas while relaxing in their lounge chairs  They knew this was the property worthy of an investment in their private sanctuary.  So they contacted Denver’s Robert R. Larsen A.I.A., a renowned architect, to complete the design for their dream home.  Even with Larsen’s expertise and decades of experience in the architectural community, the scale of this project would be a significant challenge.  To address its size Larsen delved into researching the retractable structure market, seeking the company that could translate his design into a structure. Libart could address the challenge and the size.


Controlled with his phone or any mobile device

Controlled with his phone or any mobile device

The centerpiece for Larsen’s incredible design was an upper level deck overlooking a large, wheel-chair-accessible pool and entertainment space. A Libart lean-to retractable structure  would enclose 2,650 sq. ft. of climate-controlled space. This enclosed space was larger than any of Libart’s residential lean-to retractable enclosures in the country!   The retractable enclosure also needed to be able to weather the location’s annual snow-fall average of 57 inches. Providing protection from the elements so the enclosed area could be used and enjoyed during cold and windy Colorado winters was a large challenge.

Libart’s project manager collaborated with the architect for almost nine months to perfect the design of the pool enclosure.  That included ensuring the  design of the upper deck was functional and offered the necessary support to be structurally sound.  Extra framing members reinforced the structural integrity of the enclosure and the potential for snow loads of up to 50 pounds per square foot.


The happy owners

The happy owners


Under the deck with the custom hot tub and intricate woodwork

The person power required to complete the installation meant that sometimes 40 people were needed at a time.

Libart’s patented SecurTrack and SecurLock systems make the retractable structure easy to open and close manually. For additional convenience, the structure was motorized  with low-voltage, wireless automation systems, including multiple safety systems, so that the  structure could be controlled with the push of a button.  For easier access, doors were installed on the sides of the structure, and Centor Screens provided  insect protection while offering fresh air cross breezes.

Lou and Tanis completed their dream home exactly the way they wanted with a spacious Rocky Mountain sanctuary for leisure and entertaining worthy of their high-end residential property.   Photos taken by Robert R.Larsen


25’ W x 106’ L,  2,650 square feet
Model TDLS, 16 bays, 8 modules, white frame, Polycarbonate: 4 mm clear monolithic on sides and end and roof panels are 10 mm clear translucent twin wall, SecurLock and SecurTrack, motorized, bi-folding doors and Centor Screens on gabled ends