ClearSky Pool Cover Project #6107

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • MODEL Skylights / Roofs (ClearSky)
  • SIZE 10mx22m (32'x72')
  • GLAZING 6mm T. + 12 air gap + 44.1 (laminated) Solar Control Clear Glass
  • LOCATION Istanbul / Turkey

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ClearSky Pool Cover Project #6107 Project Description

Having one swimming pool that can be used year-round, offering indoor protection during inclement weather and open air when the weather is good is a great advantage. There’s no need for 2 pools and the extra cost of maintenance for both pools.

With a Clear Sky retractable enclosure you can simply press a button and the top of the pool retracts to let sunlight in. With LIBART retractable Clearsky Retractable Skylight solutions you have nothing between you and the sky, after the system opens. When the weather is cold, rainy or windy, the roof closes with the press of a button to cover the roof of the pool,  providing shelter from the weather.

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