Boston Retractable Roof Project #4587

Five Star Retractable Systems, LLC, is a Libart USA distributor and has worked with the Libart team on some of the gallery project installations, within the US.

Project Details

  • Model Retractable Roofing - Single Pitch - RRP
  • Size 60 x 30 ft
  • The Boston harbor is the view from this rooftop bar with retractable skylights

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Boston Retractable Roof Project #4587 Project Description

When you’re in Boston, it’s time to enjoy great seafood! Legal Harborside is THE place to go for the best clam chowder in the region, delicious fresh seafood dishes and the harbor view.

The view from the bar rooftop

The view from the bar rooftop

On the first floor of the three-story, 20,000 sq. ft. restaurant, patrons find casual seafood, a raw oyster bar and a harborside fish market.  The second floor is for more intimate fine dining, private parties and business meetings. A four-season rooftop lounge overlooking the Boston Harbor is on the third floor. This setting with its excellent views may contribute almost as much to Legal Harborside’s rave reviews as the excellent seafood does.

The NanaWall Glass Doors

The NanaWall Glass Doors

The rooftop promenade deck is surrounded by folding glass doors and windows that can be open on great weather days. This area is topped by a 30’ by 60’ motorized skylight that opens with the touch of a button. A 60 ft. section of folding windows over a structural glass wall on one end, provides a  panoramic view overlooking the Seaport District.  This whole area is furnished with cushioned sofas, chairs and  bistro tables.  The solar-control glazing on the retractable skylight protects patrons from too much heat and sun even when the walls and doors are closed.

During the ArchitectureBoston Expo in 2012, Libart and NanaWall hosted a small gathering on the promenade deck. Expo attendees were able to experience this architectural gem while enjoying fresh seafood and cocktails in Legal Harborside’s party bar atmosphere.

2012 Architecture Expo Event

2012 Architecture Expo Event

While the the music was pumping and the walls and roof were lit with color-changing lights, the retractable skylight opened. And the 110 design and architectural professionals responded with their applause.

simliar-projectsLegal Harborside has earned the “Boston’s best clam chowder” award from Boston Magazine more than a few times and was honored by USA TODAY  as its #1 Seafood restaurant. Accolades and awards for “best outdoor dining” and “best summer scene” happen frequently. Cuisine is important and so is the experience!



Retractable roof with 16mmX solar control PC glazing 30′ x 60′ single pitch design.  Double insulated folding glass doors and windows on all three sides.  9′ tall folding doors on both sides of the deck

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