Custom retractable systems and screens offer the flexibility to be used in hundreds of different settings, adding to the quality of life and opportunities
for commercial entities to increase their business revenues. Among the markets we address are below.


An outdoor patio area can become a year-round revenue opportunity for restaurants and a coveted event space, with a retractable enclosure. Skylights, retractable windows, solar, wind and screens branded with the establishment’s logo make outdoor spaces more comfortable and simultaneously promote your business.


Outdoor pools can become year-round pools with the safety feature of a lockable structure. Pool cleaning and chemical use can be reduced too. Dining areas and outdoor patios can have the advantages of being open-air in great weather and protected when inclement weather arrives. Your meeting and event spaces are always available for use and very attractive to clients who like a classy alternative to a closed-in event space.

Commercial Buildings

More sunlight and opportunities to open up closed spaces for fresh air often make employees more comfortable and productive. Businesses that need clean rooms for their laboratory or testing facilities have options for retractable structures built in a location or structures that can be moved into different locations.

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In the race to attract students, housing and classrooms with outdoor spaces are a winner especially when they can be used year-round. Science facilities that need portable clean rooms or a retractable enclosure greenhouse will find enclosure options through FSRS. Stadiums with sky boxes attract supporters with window walls that open and can use retractable screens for solar/wind protection and team branding. Classrooms, meeting and event areas are welcoming when fresh air and manageable sunshine are part of the experience.

Life Care Communities

Residential Settings: Individual homes, condos and apartment communities with pools and/or spas offer possibilities for year-round use with retractable structures. Sunshine improves the quality of life throughout the year and FSRS offers options to share the sun while protecting residents from too many rays.


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